Born 1996. Hertfordshire, England. 
London and Buckinghamshire based artist.
Studied at University of Chichester and Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London. 

The discovery of space, language and history has always been at the centre of my work. A visual language and a connection to a lived, domestic space and dwelling has continued to contribute to the way I create work. My early works, incorporating print, paint, graphic design and sculpture, stemmed from a portfolio of interior, domestic photography. Interested in the interstitial, the uncanny and domestic spaces. This space has since transgressed into the materials and interests in my current works. Particularly interests into culture, and how is it derived and moulded from its inhabitants, contemporary living and domesticity. The acceleration of the digital, and learnt behaviours from its interaction, has impacted our culture, rituals and behaviours. Within the acceleration of the domesticated digital media, a key characteristic or quality emerging and dominating the human condition is desire and want. The lust and lure of more, more and more. A gluttony. An endless, repetitive, stream, scroll and production for everything. The mundanity of everyday consumption, indulgence and craving captured my interests. My practise began to introduce inescapable and all-consuming curiosity of the heightened and over populated images and content of the online world. Exploring influencers, the multiplicity of the internet and the lust and lure of a consumerism exponentially endorsed by social media. An area of research which has now begun to simmer down to our, perhaps unhealthy or obscene, habits and conditioning of consumption. Drawing on this notion of consumption, I have become increasingly interested in our engagement, interaction and the politics surrounding food and hunger, our most primal and desire risen instinct. My research and curiosity explores the correlating language and processes entailed between our edible consumer lives and our current, digitally dominated, contemporary society and culture. In the wise words of Massimo Montanari (1893) “Food is Culture!”; a concoction of selectivity, environment, mythology, history, economy and gastronomy (Montanari,1893, p. ix). 


Recent & Forthcoming Exhibitions:

Past Exhibitions: 

2018 – MA Summer Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London. [7th- 13th September.]

2018 – & anOther angle. Group show. Maxilla Space, Maxilla Walk, London. [26th -28th July]

2018 – In Deep. Chelsea College of Arts, [5th-8th July]

2018 – Interim. Chelsea College of Arts, May.

2018 – Daniel Rapheal Gallery, Church Street, London, [24th January- 16th February]

2018 –  Chelsea Open Studios, Chelsea University of Arts, London [25th- 27th January] 

2017 – Auc Art, Online Auction and Exhibition  
2017 – Park/Play, Group Exhibition, Chelsea University of Arts            London

2017 – Degree Show, University of Chichester, artOne 
2016 – Group exhibition, University of Chichester, artOne
2016 – ‘Synthesis’ Group Exhibition, Otter Gallery, University  of Chichester

2015 – ‘Bump and Grind’ Group Exhibition, Otter Gallery, University of Chichester


Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, London, MA Fine Art, 2017-2018
University of Chichester, BA Fine Art and Humanities, 2014-2017


NOA (National Open Art) 2016.


The Grange School, Buckinghamshire, 2016. 

Kingsham Primary School, Chichester, Sussex, 2016.

Turnfurlong, Buckinghamshire, 2016.